Kids Art Explained

So today as requested by one of my young boys, “Can we have a drawing competition?” I gave my students the opportunity to let their creative juices loose on paper. I was so stoked with the results, hence posting my favourites. My number one was the Mouse on a Trampoline. So beautifully described by my little fellow, genius. Then came the other top runners, The Hunter Cat in a Hat with a sword, pretty cool! Rainbow Owl, Ghost in Space, The lovely Gingerbread House and Man, Elephant going down a slide in a rainbow, and Owl. Great to see the imaginations of children are still innocent and quite vivid. Fantastic!


2 responses to “Kids Art Explained

  1. Mrs Kelly

    Oh you have a way with words. What a beautiful blog and class you have.

    For this drawing activity, did you give them any prompts/topic ideas/ specifications?

    Love from Mrs Kelly

    • Thanks! I didn’t give them anything at all really. I just said we are having a creative drawing competition. You may draw whatever you like, what ever comes into your brain. Here is your blank piece of paper, away you go!

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