Coffee Time

D and I had a busy morning attending play group together and then running errands for his Mom. I was pretty tired so I turned to him in the back of the car and said:

“Do you want to go and get a coffee?”

To which he replies:

“Yup, lets go to Starwars!”


Growing Wood Chips

We were at the playground after school and I see D emptying his water all over the wood chips (bark). I ask him what he is up to and he responds:

“Watering the wood chips.”

Curious, I asked him what happens when he waters the wood chips and he explained by digging deeper to show me that the wood chips underneath were a lot smaller, so if he watered them they would grow to be big ones like the ones on top. So sweet.

Excuses excuses…

So far these are J’s excuses not to attend school:

“It is windy… I cannot go to school.”

“The sky is pink… I cannot go to school.”

“It is dark outside… I cannot go to school.”


Country Living

On our walk home from school today a tractor drove past leaving us a rather nasty smell.

J exclaims: “He blowed some serious poo at us!”

Tooth Fairy did what…?

J, D and I were sitting playing downstairs and J notices that I have some dry skin on my feet. He asks me what it is and I tell him about dry skin and cracked heels. D then pipes up and says:

I had some skin on my toe. And then the tooth fairy came and took it from under my pillow. She just took it.

Nanny Days

We are driving along the highway and see a massive bulldozer on a trailer. J from the back of the car shouts:

Mom look at it! Its 18 feet inches dirty!


During a teacher friends writing lesson:

“Miss! Miss! I have a pwobwem!”

She looks at his page and sees he hasn’t written anything.

“What is the pwobwem?”

Little guy pulls his shirt over his shoulder to reveal a big ‘X’ drawn on his shoulder.

“A snake bit me!”


I am teaching my new boys this year what it means to be a gentleman. On the first day of school they were horrified that I let the ladies go to Morning Tea and Lunch first. I said that as gentleman we always let ladies go first, it is good manners. Then taught them the special word for it Chivalry.

Day 2. I quizzed them and said if they could remember the word and whisper it in my ear they could go. One remembered and got the ball rolling…








Wait, pardon?! You come back!

Thought he would give it a shot.

A Flock of Sheep

One of my boys asked me this morning during a story…

“Miss, what is a flock?”

“It is a group. There was a group of sheep the shepherds were looking after.”

(Another kid) “Yeah, like a flock of crabs.”

Plain Cute

Reading with one of my groups yesterday, one of my little boys got stumped when he got to the words ‘roller skates’.

“The cat went to town on his bicycle. The clown went to town on his r… r… ricycle!” (roller skates)